Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome Baby Asher!

Birth and VBAC...small words/acronyms for BIG deals. When I first spoke to this Mom, she was so excited to plan something special, something different from her first experience, and what was unsaid was "something healing". There is sometimes more to overcome when planning for this type of birth than medical history, and when this is important to a mother it is a powerful thing. This Mom inspired me through her pregnancy, her drive and determination to keep pushing for what was important for HER. Continued conversations with caregivers, going home to research, and coming back to ask more questions. When she chose to have me as her Professional Labor Companion, her drive was contagious and I was very motivated to help her in any way I could, from our time together in class, to other meetings, appointments, hypnosis sessions, and watching videos one last time for her to visualize just last week. ALL this work before birth and when it came time for her birth it all paid off.

Mom's labor picked up fast and intense, and took all her focus and energy. Within 7 hours she was birthing her son, and SHE did it. I could see how all of that work made such an impact in how she dealt with the hospital staff, and most importantly how she focused on her body more than anything else. Even with special circumstances that required a medical procedure following her birth, she was so happy and proud of herself. Her husband's words sum it up perfectly "YOU did it!" I couldn't agree more