Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome Baby Kylee!

This birth story really reminded me of why I do this work. I was not "scheduled" to support this family, but they had taken the HypnoBirthing class and when they called me mid-morning asking if I would be available to come over I did not hesitate. The family's I work with are very special to me, and this family I also knew a little from our church. When I got to their house a little over an hour after they called, I could tell Mom was probably pretty far along. Before long we realized that this would be a Baby's Choice birth experience, and baby was choosing to be born at home, surprise! Dad describes how this all worked out:

"(Dad) had the distinct joy of trying to remember his OB 3d yr medical school training and delivered baby. We called in a HypnoBirthing/birth coach that we used prior to labor who lended moral/emotional support (for (Dad) that is, LOL) along with the 9 paramedics that showed up at the house after we called 911 just in case."

As these births often go, everything went very well. It was incredible to support this family during their birth story. Watching Mom relax and be able to totally focus on her baby and body once the decision was made to stay home, seeing Dad step up and care for his wife and baby in an amazing way. The paramedics were also great, standing by "just in case" and just letting the birth unfold the way it was meant to. I also enjoyed being able to do some hands on "teaching" as we looked at the cord change after the birth and waited for the placenta. There really aren't enough words to describe this experience, it was just AWESOME! Congratulations Allen family and very Happy Birth Day!