Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome Baby Anna!

This week was Veterans day, and I truly can not express how thankful I am to those who have and are serving our country. I am able to have the family and life I have because of the work and sacrifice of others, and I will not forget that. When this Mom contacted me looking for a doula, she told me that her husband was currently deployed in Afghanistan and may not be back for the birth. As the weeks went by, it became clear that he would not be able to be home, and I felt the pull on my heartstrings. What an amazing honor to serve this family! This Mom chose to birth at the freestanding birth center in Denver, Mountain Midwifery Center. I saw the completely unexpected which included a trip to Denver last week for labor after her water broke...or so we thought. I appreciated so much the midwives attitude and patience for this Mom to wait until it was truly time for a Birth Day, and that day came just 5 days later. Baby Anna was born in the birth tub just an hour after we arrived at the Birth Center in a very peaceful and beautiful birth. I also had the pleasure of working with another doula and mentor of mine, Candace McCollett, who was hired as the sibling doula for this birth. This was a birth full of loving support and teamwork from everyone involved, and it was a true pleasure to get to be a small part in the life of this amazing family.