Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome Baby Garrett!

I always say that every pregnancy is different, every birth is different, and every child is different. This little boy seemed to be determined to prove this! This Mom's first baby was born at 38 weeks, so when she was going on 42 weeks...let's just say that is probably one of the most challenging places for a pregnant Mommy to be. It's amazing how the body works, sometimes you have to get to the place where you absolutely just give up. Give up control, and give up worry, and then bam, things happen. This Mom literally had gone in for induction only to find that her own body had decided it was time, convenient. This part of pregnancy is surreal is so many ways, it can happen when you are least expecting it, early or in the 11th hour. One of the miracles is that we don't know why or how exactly, but your body and baby know exactly what is right for this pregnancy, this birth, this baby. This big boy went from waiting to get here to being in a hurry to be born, the doctor was still on her way from her office to the birth room (just 5 minutes away) when he was born, perfect and healthy in his own special way.