About Colleen

I was introduced to HypnoBirthing through the lovely and kind Katie Johnson. When I was pregnant with my first daughter she reached out to me and I knew from our conversation that HypnoBirthing ® was for me. I sat in that first class with ideas of an easy and natual birth and with each class my head became clearer and more firm in my belief that I was made to birth easily and peacefully. The first lesson my baby taught me was patience. As I soared past my due date to my 41 week appointment. Then 8 days past my due date. And finally 9. Through this time and the practiced calm of HypnoBirthing ® I waited...and waited...and rejoiced when I felt the beginnings of my first surges. I took the tools HypnoBirthing® had taught me and moved forward into birth. My birth became challenging with prolonged surges that I felt through my back and a longer labor than I had expected. After hours of pushing my baby girl was born. She was not born in the optimal position but instead came out facing up! And looking right at my midwife! (ahhhh that explains feeling the surges in my back). Through a more challenging birth I was given the confidence to never doubt myself or my ability, and to birth my baby peacefully in the comfort of my own home. I thank the tools I learned in HypnoBirthing® for that. If not for the things I learned, I would've doubted myself, maybe so much that I would've ended up with a completely different birthing experience. I realized after this birth of our first daughter how amazing birth truly is and  that I really wanted everyone to have the same calm confidence that I was able to have. To be prepared to calmly meet whatever turn birthing may take. 

I began teaching HypnoBirthing® when Katie mentioned she was being called back to serve in the nursing field, supporting mamas in a different way. I am passionate about pregnancy and birth and in my classes I often find myself engrossed in a conversation with new moms and dads about the new knowledge and joy that comes with each passing year in this field. I believe this method has something for everyone, whether you need more information about how the birthing process works, or you are interested in learning more about what hypnosis is, all questions are answered, and open discussion and candidness is encouraged in my classes! It works in all scenarios, because I have experienced it now twice, as I had another beautiful HypnoBirthing® birth just two short months ago to another beautiful daughter. (That speedy birth lasted less than an hour from start to finish)!  I want to share what I learned with other families because no matter what your situation may be, I believe you will benefit from same knowledge I have. 

My professional training includes a Bachelors degree in Communication, certifications in Corrective Exercise, Nutrition, and Personal Training and I have 3 years of experience as a Certified Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. I am a Childbirth Educator associated with the HypnoBirthing Institute and am here to help in any way I can.