HypnoBirthing Births and Babies

I am SO grateful for all the wonderful families I've had the opportunity to work with! Here are some of their words and pictures they were so kind to share with me and all of you.

" We chose Colleen to be instructor for the Hypnobirthing course. She has such has a calming and loving nature about her, not to mention she is very professional. This is our first baby so we had no clue about childbirth in general, couple that with only TV portrayals and horror stories, we had a lot of fear about what is to come.  Colleen was extremely patient and able to answer all of our questions in a way that calmed our fears. My only regret is that we are moving before Sarah’s due date so we can’t pick her for our Doula. However, after taking Hypnobirthing by Colleen, we are actually looking forward to our birthing day! "
~Sarah & Rob Nichols

"I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. I think HypnoBirthing was most successful for us through Mark. Even though things didn't go as planned, he was the most amazing Birthing Companion. He knew exactly what to do at every turn because of our preparation in classes."

Katie's First
"In the Zone at 9cm"

"Still Smiling!"




"What an amazing Daddy"


Katie's Second
"Receiving my new Baby"


Luke and Mommy



"Katie's Class was not only educational, it was inspirational. The HypnoBirthing techniques we used were vital to keeping me calm and motivated, despite a prolonged labor. The support we received from Katie gave me the confidence to do what was right for our son and family. If we are blessed with more children, I will definetely use HypnoBirthing again. Meanwhile, the class CD's are still played at our house when we need relief from stress and/or pain."
"Wonderfully successful second VBAC"

"My birthing experience with Katie as my Labor Companion was the most enjoyable and comfortable of my three deliveries. Attending Katie's small-sized, HypnoBirthing classes with my husband was so helpful, relaxed, and fun! I went into my labor with more knowledge and confidence thanks to Katie. I loved the Rainbow Relaxation CD and visualizations (optimal birth positioning and the ribbons) especially! Katie was so fantastic and put both my husband and me at ease during the labor and birth. I cannot express how happy and so thankful I am to Katie for being there and reminding me to listen to my body and supporting me. Katie's nursing background and experience were amazingly wonderful and I just couldn't have asked for a more beautiful birth with my sweet baby Shayla!"
~ Shari


"Working with your body, in whatever position works best"