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About Hope

I first was introduced to the idea of a doula when I was pregnant with my second baby. I interviewed many, but ended up not hiring one, hoping that one natural birthing course would be enough to have the unmedicated birth that I wanted. Although my daughters birth was beautiful, I opted for medication and an epidural. My third pregnancy followed suit and was almost identical to my daughters, but this time my son had to spend some time in the NICU, leaving me with a lot of questions about the choices I was making during birth. 

When I was pregnant again in 2020, I began to look for an alternative to the births I had experienced, and that is when I found HypnoBirthing.  I knew immediately that this was a game changer for me. I actually took Colleen’s course and hired her as my doula! My youngest was born as I’d always imagined, in water and directly in to my arms after only three hours of active labor. 

After experiencing two very different kinds of birth, I can truly see the value and importance of hiring a doula, and practicing HypnoBirthing. I see how both of those things could have benefited me even if my first births had been the exact same, my mindset could have been completely different. 

I chose to become a doula when I realized how an empowered birth changed my life, and I want to support others to have that same experience. As I’ve attended births, it’s only become clearer how important this work is to me, and how much I love being there for moms through some of the most important hours of their lives. 

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