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|Birthing Day Warm-Ups|

There’s no such thing as false labour. 🤭 . . It’s true, you might find one evening things start tightening, there’s some twinges, you loose your uterine seal, have some heaviness, maybe it even feels like it’s really ramping up! You’re excited! You bounce around on your ball all evening, your partner cancels their plans, you run a bath, watch a funny film, do all the ‘early labor prep’ you’ve been planning! Then you both head to bed- to get some sleep & hopefully wake up ready to call the midwife! The following morning, you wake up.. and nothing! 😫That evening the cycle repeats.. the following morning NOTHING! Now you’re feeling disheartened, tired, impatient, stressed 😬 it FEELS like ‘false labor’, someone might have even told you it’s ‘false labour’.. but it isn’t ❤️ . . . .

Allow me to reframe things for you. Every single moment of pregnancy- your baby and your body are preparing for birth. Every single minute that passes is one minute closer to meeting your baby. In the last few days of pregnancy there’s so much going on in there that we can’t see from the outside that needs to happen before your baby is born; just because it’s ‘stopping & starting’ or moving slowly, doesn’t mean your body isn’t doing exactly what it’s supposed to! These early surges might be encouraging your baby to rotate into the right position; they might be helping your baby tuck their chin down & align themselves for birth; they might be moving your baby further down into your pelvis; they might be causing your cervix to soften, draw forwards, shorten, or begin to open.. you’re doing everything right! . . . . So if this is you in a few months time, a few days or maybe even as your read this- you’re already one minute closer to meeting your baby 💪🏻 this is one minute you’ll never do again and SOMETHING in there has changed! Things ARE always moving forward! And it WILL reach a point where the starting doesn’t stop, until you have your gorgeous baby in your arms! . . . . .

So for now- 📺 Distraction 🧖🏿‍♀️Relaxation 🌬Breathing 🙏🏻 Patience 👶🏼 and trust ❤️ You’re so close. If this was you, what are your best tips for staying positive during this



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