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We read blogs about “what to pack in the birth bag”. We talk about birth plans and meticulously pick out things on our registries for baby showers. . . . But somehow. In the midst of all things baby....we forget to plan for when that baby is here. Hungry, nursing every hour. Needing to be held and loved and reassured. We didn’t just create one new person. We created two. Because you Mama. You’re new too. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth. You are a WHOLE. NEW. PERSON. . . . And we have to talk about more than the birth plan. Let’s talk about who’s picking up the other kids from school and activities for the first few weeks. Let’s have a cooking party with a friend and make some freezer meals in case that mealtrain doesn’t work out. Let’s get better at saying NO when you really need a nap, not a visitor. Let’s make sure we are asking more than “how are you”. Let’s be aware enough to bring some soup from the grocery store and talk about the fact that maybe she woke up 8 times that night not because the baby wanted to eat but because she had to check that the baby was breathing. Let’s talk about the “going back to work” plan and if you’re happy with it, or if there’s something that can be changed. . . . . And let’s start the conversation at 13 weeks. Not 36. 💕



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