Birth Doula Services


The word doula originates from an ancient Greek word meaning "a woman who serves"; though today the term is used as a title for an experienced childbirth professional trained in providing educational, emotional, spiritual and physical comfort and support before, during and after childbirth. I provide support to you and your birthing companion before, during, and after your very special birth. I offer continuous emotional, physical, and informational support during birthing utilizing my educational background, experience with birth, and a variety of comfort techniques, especially HypnoBirthing®. I have had to honor of attending over 100 births as a Doula through the last 4 years and each time I am astounded by life's miracle of birth. My goal is always to work with your Birth Companion to make sure they are confident and ready to be hands on, never to take their place. 

Services Include...

Complementary Meet and Greet Interview: Come meet me and chat about your birth and my services, no obligation, no pressure, and no charge.This can be done in person or over the phone. It's purpose is to initially meet each other, talk about your specific needs and expectations for a doula, and confirm that we are the right fit for each other.

Consultation: a meeting before the birth to get to know each other, talk about your birth as you would like to see it and how I can support your birthing.

Pre-Birth Workshop: an additional session in which we meet privately, or with other couples to go over more deeply your tools and techniques as well as other more personalized information. I will provide assistance in putting together your Birth Preferences sheet (a.k.a. Birth Plan). Professional and informational referral and resource information will be available anytime.


Postpartum Planning Workshop: a final session in which we discuss setting you up for success in your postpartum period. Setting expectations for family members, discussing healing time, and making a workable plan for breastfeeding, other children, returning to work, etc.

Unlimited Access: Unlimited phone and e-mail support during your pregnancy. From the moment you choose me as your doula I will be available for any questions, concerns, or simply as emotional support. 

On call from 38 weeks through delivery:
This means once I receive your deposit, I pledge to be readily available and on-call for your birth the 2 weeks leading up to your due date until whenever your baby is born. 

Continuous support during your labor: I will be there supporting you from the moment you call me over, throughout your entire labor and birth, and 1-2 hours postpartum. My role as a doula is individualized for each mama and what your particular needs/expectations are. Labor support tools I provide include:

~Involvement help for birth companion 

~HypnoBirthing® relaxation scripts/techniques 
~ Essential oils 
~ Massage tools 
~ Music
~ Counter Pressure
~ Heat/Cold Therapy
~ Assisting with/Recomending position changes 
~ Emotional support
~ My caring hands, heart, and calm voice.
~ Early postpartum support including initiation of bonding.
~ Breastfeeding support.

Postpartum visit: This will take place in your home to discuss your birth experience, your baby, and talk about any referrals if needed, etc. As well as unlimited postpartum phone and e-mail support.

Fees and Details

The total for this highly personalized and supportive Professional Labor Doula service is $900.

Payment plans are available.

I am currently accepting repeat clients and new families. Please contact Colleen if you have any questions.


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